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Project engineering

Design - Calculation - Drawing - implementation of automation and machine construction based on steel structures

  • The project engineering includes the full processing of investment projects and automation projects based on static or dynamic steel structures.

  • Technocon can realise these projects from A to Z, as well as elaborating every aspect separately. 
  • In an initial measurement the needs or desired automation will be analysed in relation to its objective.  The project is defined.
  • An initial proposal, based on a pre-design and pre-study, is discussed.
  • After approval the necessary stability calculations and plans for the implementation file are taken care of.
  • Subsequently the specifications are drafted determining the materials and cost price calculation. 
  • Every machine must fulfil the machine directives and safety directives. Every machine must be provisioned with a Technical construction file with risk analysis, CE standardisation and Manual.
  • After provisional delivery to Technocon the machine or the structure is delivered or the automation is installed in the production process.


  • Together with its related elements, the steel structure is designed based on sketches, in consultation with the principal and in function of the objective of the automation or investment project.
  • The practical aspects, as well as the feasibility and economic aspects are taken into consideration.
  • If necessary Technocon takes care of the survey of the existing situation in cooperation with our external partners.
  • Our designs are based on our many years of experience and our know-how in static and dynamic steel structure.


  • TECHNOCON works with the calculation program SCIA ENGINEER, among other things, for the calculation of the structures.
  • All calculations take account of Euro-codes and European or National standards.
  • The results of the calculations are delivered by means of a calculation note.


  • The modelling and plotting of the structures in implementation files are processed by means of the drawing program TEKLA STRUCTURES STEEL.
  • The implementation file is composed of the overview plans, workshop and mark-up drawings, the necessary lists.

Technical Construction File

  • Every machine must fulfil the machine directives and safety directives.
  • Every machine is provisioned with a Technical Construction File with
  • Risk analysis
  • Fundamental health and safety prescriptions
  • CE standardisation
  • Manual 
  • ...


  • Technocon offers the possibility of realising the project based on the elaborated study.
  • All necessary materials are ordered, mounted based on the detailed drawings, everything is tested and controlled. 
  • Technocon guarantees the implementation, delivery and after-care


Project engineering > Applications

  • Support structures - Bulk installations and handling
  • Industrial applications - miscellaneous applications
  • Conveyor belt structures
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Theatre techniques
  • Food sector
  • ...