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Concrete structures


Calculation - Drawing of the CONCRETE STRUCTURE

  • The Technocon team calculates and draws industrial constructions, office constructions and apartment constructions and spectator stands in PREFAB CONCRETE structures.

  • Sketches, measurements or architecture plans are elaborated and detailed in a 3D model.
  • If necessary Technocon takes care of the ground probing or survey of the existing situation in cooperation with our external partners.
  • After consultation with the principal and contractor the 3D model is plotted and processed as a production file which contains all necessary plans required for the implementation.
  • Technocon guarantees the necessary support during the implementation of the project.


  • TECHNOCON works with the calculation program SCIA ENGINEER, among other things, for the stability calculation of the structures.
  • All calculations take account of Euro-codes and European or National standards.
  • The results of the calculations are delivered by means of a calculation note.


  • The modelling and plotting of the prefab concrete structures in implementation files are processed by means of the drawing program TEKLA STRUCTURES CONCRETE.
  • The drawing work is built up from a 3D model
  • The implementation file is composed of the overview plans, workshop and mark-up drawings, the necessary lists.
  • We offer the possibility of downloading the full production file via FTP server.
  • This method is also ideally suited to the drafting of:
  • Frame plans
  • Reinforcement plans


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  • Prefab concrete constructions 

  • Agricultural and industrial construction
  • Production hangars
  • Office constructions 
  • Apartment constructions
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals 
  • Homes for the elderly
  • Sport and recreation complexes
  • Distribution centres
  • Cold storage plants
  • Show rooms
  • Hall construction
  • Spectator stands
  • Parking garages 
  • Support structures
  • Floor plates
  • Stair cases
  • Terraces
  • Roof stability in relation to solar panels and green roofs
  • ...